theater mini-art

vom prinzen, der auszog die liebe zu finden
nach dem Märchen de verliefde prins von Ron Langenus
Übersetzung und Textbearbeitung: Crischa Ohler, Sjef van der Linden

Regie: Rinus Knobel
Bühne: Liesje Knobel
Kostüme: Sandra Nienhaus
Musik: Sjef van der Linden
Technik: Doro Wiersch
Schauspiel: Crischa Ohler, Sjef van der Linden
Rechte: beim Theater

Alter: ab 5 Jahren
Dauer: 50 Minuten
Termin: 28. Mai, 10 Uhr
Spielort: FFT Juta

Prince Diederik may be a prince, but his life is actually not much different than other boys: He is often bored, his parents hardly have time for him and he thinks girls are dumb. Two storytellers immerse themselves in the fairytale of Prince Diederik from Lommelije. By means of words, objects, music and light, they tell of the adventures he must face and the fears he must conquer, of an astonishing love story and the courage to defend this love against all kinds of animosity.