production discussions

The production discussions invite audience members, theatre professional and experts to describe, discuss and question what they see. In light of the notion of the festival as a workshop, these events focus on establishing a productive scholarly exchange. How can various perspectives and opinions be expressed in conversation? Upon seeing a production, participants gather together at five different tables and examine it under consideration of certain aspects. The selection committee, the Next Generation Forum and the NRW Children and Youth Theatre Work Group will each provide one table with impulses for every production. Overarching themes can be discussed at any time throughout the festival at the other two tables: One is open to reflection on the festivals art outreach formats, the other is reserved for the complex relationship between artists and their target audiences. Following the event, the results of each tables discussion will be recorded and made available to all festival visitors in the form of notes and quotes

theatrical festival reporter

WESTWINDs festival reporters serve as keen observers, commentators, bloggers, performers, dialogue partners and contact people throughout the festival. Together with Dennis Palmen, they will attend the performances and try their hand at various forms of commentary and critique.

the actionists

The actionists come from youth centres, schools or kindergartens and take a close look at the festivals productions. The idea behind this art outreach project within the framework of WESTWIND 2015: learning to ask questions, do things yourself, show what you mean and talk about it. With their own artistic contributions, such as works of choreography, performances, videos, texts, photo series and anything else imaginable, children and teens demonstrate their perspectives on the themes and aesthetics of the individual productions. With this artistic experience, they are well-prepared to engage in a thematic discussion with the artistic team following each performance.

everthings palett - an experimental workshop for children and youth

Everything from scenic performances to light shows, dance routines, live concerts, DJ sessions and videos - in this workshop, the children decide what comes on stage. There is only one rule: Whatever happens, it must fit on a single pallet! Children and young people experiment with elements that transform a location into a stage. The results of the workshop will be presented at the festivals opening event and throughout the course of the week.